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  Colombian Cauca - Smooth & Sweet


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This coffee is a microlot special that won't last long.  When I first cupped this in our lab, I was blown away by the fullness of the body and the smooth silky feel on the tongue.  We have roasted this from blonde to black and it gives you satisfaction all across the spectrum.  We are offering this at a medium dark roast or as some call it, Full City, and it goes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

 Order now while the price is just ten bucks.  Remember if you  buy 4 lbs or more of any combination of coffee you get free shipping within the lower 48.    




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Private Labeling You Say?

Well let's get on with it then! So you have a wedding, birthday, fund raiser, retirement or restaurant. Well, good news!  We can offer you outstanding tasting coffee with a label specialized for your event.  Just click on contact us and we will get back with you!


Restaurants and Coffee Shops

 We offer special volume discounts on our finest coffee's.  We can provide specialized proprietary blends for your business and we are sure our service will exceed your expectations.  Just contact us via email or phone and we will show you how to maximize your returns and keep customers coming back.